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Dear Future Husband - Meghan Trainor (Cover by Korie Anne)

Welcome to YouTube Artists

Featuring the lesser known up to the biggest artists from YouTube.

As well as featuring the videos from artists that are making their name on the ever popular best known video sharing site YouTube, we are also featuring iTunes downloads that the artists may also have online. The vast majority of songs on here are covers of songs that have been released by other artists, but there is also a big selection of original songs appearing on a frequent basis. Artists are laid out in nice easy to read lists with all their music pages links displayed below their name, allowing you to connect and keep up to date with their latest news and offerings.

I hope you enjoy your visit here and it helps you discover new artists and very varied music.


  • How is the Feature Video on the home page chosen?
  • How often is the Feature Video changed?
  • What are Random Mini Features?
  • What is an Oops Feature?
  • Why are the male artists all on one page, yet the females are on alphabetical pages?
  • How do you choose which Random iTunes Features will displayed?
  • What is the reason for having random videos and songs/EP's/Albums?
  • Do I have to have songs on iTunes to be featured on here?
  • How do I get to appear on this site?
  • If I'm chosen to be listed can I do anything to help?

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